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20 Questions with Joehnar Westenra (a character interview)

Q1: What is your name?
My name is Joehnar Westenra, also known as Joe West.

Q2: What story (or stories) do you appear in?
I am a major character in the Secret Ones series of fantasy/urban fantasy by indie author Shana O'Quinn. You can check us out at

Q3: How would you describe yourself?
Ahh hahaha...well, I'm a wood-elf originally, now I sing in a hard rock band in an alternate 1970's. I'm the prettiest one in the band, of course. Curly blonde hair, dimples, pointy ears--you know, typical elf stuff. I find myself in some hairy situations with old and new friends, werewolves, dragons, a 65,000 year old female demon. I also look better than all of them.

Q4: What kind of character do you consider yourself: hero, villain, sidekick, supporting character, or extra?
I'm the well-dressed hero, helloooo.

Q5: What kind of talker are you?
I talk a lot, about all kinds of things. My sister-in-arms Lindsey tells me to shut up a lot.

Q6: When given a task, how do you handle it?
I drink hard liquor, then see if that helps to come up with a solution. Sometimes ignoring a problem makes it go away. Or I stab it with my dagger.

Q7: How do you approach new ideas and concepts?
I'm all about new ideas and experiences. It's why I joined a huge rock band. I've been alive about 1500 years and I never stop learning things. I love humans, they are such a force for fun and change.

Q8: Are you a homebody or world traveler?
A world traveler, of course. My band White Death goes on world tours nearly every year. I get to meet all kinds of new folk, including Drow (dark elf vampires), werewolves, and humans. And hopefully have sex with as many of them as I can. What? I get bored.

Q9: What was your childhood like?
It was pretty good, I grew up in southern England before the Romans came and messed everything up in Britain. The green forests that existed before the Industrial Age were vast and beautiful, and their loss still saddens me.

Q10: Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
I would say an optimist. My friend and White Death guitarist Malcolm tells me I don't take anything seriously. He's a cranky wizard, so I figure he's just jealous.

Q11: What do you believe in the most?
I believe in the friendship between humans and elves, despite all the things I've seen and been through. I believe my dead son is waiting for me in the afterlife, and I believe one day I will find a woman to love.

Q12: Do you live in the past, dream about the future, or remain grounded in the present?
I mostly am in the present, though I have Sidhe (elf) long memories I replay in my mind from time to time. We store so much in our long lives it sometimes is hard to pull memories out of the archives, so to speak.

Q13: When meeting someone new, how trusting are you?
I still trust people until they give me a reason not to. Unless they turn hairy and toothy on a full moon, in which case I have a silver dagger.

Q14: What are your pet peeves?
Having no sense of humor, my ex Janet, who's a blood-drinking dark elf vampire.

Q15: What is your strongest sense?
My sense of humor! Or my keen vision.

Q16: What moment are you the most proud of?
Killing a Hellhound with naught but my dagger.

Q17: What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Making an ass of myself in front of the leader of the grey elves, and embarrassing my friend Lindsey. Sometimes I can stick my foot in my mouth. It's one of my endearing qualities.

Q18: If the author were to grant you one wish, what would it be?
She needs to find me someone to spend my life with. And also kill off Janet. She'd be doing us all a favor.

Q19: When you enter a crowded room, what is the first thing you notice?
Good looking ladies, and where the bar is at.

Q20: What one question should this interviewer have asked, and how would you answer it?
Q: Would you like a cup of tea? Or a bottle of whiskey?

A: The answere would be YES and YES.

If you are an author who would like to participate, you can find the 20 Question interview here.
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