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20 Questions with Trent S. Kollodge

Q1: What is your name?
Trent S. Kollodge

Q2: When did you decide to be a writer?
I've been interested in creative pursuits for as long as I can remember: puppet shows, performance art, costuming, music, drawing, animation, and video games to name a few. Writing has always been a major part of that.

Q3: What did you most recently publish (title and genre)?
My most recent publication is the short novel "Two-bit Angel." I try not to think too much about genre when I write, but it probably falls somewhere near the urban fantasy metaphysical noir category.

Q4: What is your next project?
Up next, I've got a few short stories to brush up and send out while I plot out my next novel, which is currently looking like an epic dark fantasy.

Q5: Which path(s) have you taken: traditional publishing, self-publishing, or both?

Q6: Why should people consider reading your work?
My works tend to be imaginative with a slightly dark edge that doesn't quite fall into horror. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can give the first few chapters of "Two-bit Angel" a try for free in e-book format at and

Q7: How do you describe your writing style?
I like to experiment with style, change it to suit the tone of the story I'm telling. "Two-bit Angel" has a terse, snappy feel to it.

Q8: Where and when do you like to write?
Wherever and whenever I can. With a full time career, and school age children to spend time with, that's usually late at night, or squeezing a few paragraphs into a lunch break.

Q9: At what time, day or night, do you feel the most creative?
Any time but morning.

Q10: Which authors inspire you the most, and how?
The list is long and ever changing, but at the moment I would say William Gibson and Cormac McCarthy for their prose style, and Thomas Ligotti, Laird Barron, and Livia Llewellyn for their masterful dark weirdness.

Q11: How do you overcome the writer’s demons: Procrastination and Self-Doubt?
I overcome Procrastination with that horrible feeling I get when I haven't done anything creative in a while, and Self-Doubt gets squashed by my Ego (which seems to have a punk attitude that flips the bird at Self-Doubt before jumping off the bridge of Making a Fool of Myself and screaming profanities about what a good time this is.)

Q12: What aspect of your writing do you feel is strongest, and what needs the most improvement?
I think my writing is strongest in its imagination and entertaining prose. Sometimes I'm a bit light on the character development.

Q13: What was the best part of the worst thing you’ve ever written?
The best part of the worst thing I've ever written is that I destroyed it before showing it to anyone and have completely erased it from my memory.

Q14: What advice do you have for others who want to be writers?
Write. Write. Write. Listen to the rules, critique, and advice with an open mind, but remember they are only suggestions. Then write some more.

Q15: What form of marketing works best for promoting your work(s)?
I'm just starting to learn the ropes of marketing. Actually, this interview is one of my first steps in that direction.

Q16: If life is a bowl of cherries, what does your life as a bowl of cherries look like?
-insert witty comment here-

Q17: Who is your rock, the one who encourages you the most to keep writing, and why?
My wife is a constant encouragement. Why? I don't like to put words in her mouth, but I think she's a fan.

Q18: What do you do apart from writing?
I am a full time video game animator, and family man. I also like to hike, watch movies, ride motorcycles, play video games, read books, drink beer, and pick up random hobbies for six weeks at a time (currently I'm trying to learn the mandolin.) Sometimes I eat and sleep.

Q19: Where can people find more about you and your work(s)?

Q20: What one question should this interviewer have asked, and how would you answer it?
Q: What's your poison?

A: Bourbon.

If you are an author who would like to participate, you can find the 20 Question interview here.
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