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20 Questions with Mike Russell

Q1: What is your name?
Mike Russell

Q2: When did you decide to be a writer?
When I was 12 years old I began writing a novel called "Imagine Infinity". I designed the book cover and wrote about twenty pages before deciding that I needed more life experience and abandoned it. I thought this early attempt was lost until my parents found it in their loft a couple of years ago. I still like the title. Years later, I began writing again. Then one day a friend was putting together a spoken-word event. Knowing that I wrote things, she asked me to contribute. This led to many years of regularly performing my stories in clubs, bars, galleries and various other strange venues. Happily, I just kept being invited to do more. This proved to me that there was an audience for my writing. I then began publishing my stories.

Q3: What did you most recently publish (title and genre)?
'Nothing Is Strange', a collection of 20 mind expanding short stories. It can fit comfortably within the genres of weird fiction, fantasy, surreal fiction, strange fiction...

Q4: What is your next project?
We have many books in various stages of production. Follow and all will be revealed!

Q5: Which path(s) have you taken: traditional publishing, self-publishing, or both?
I have always published independently. Creative freedom is a precious thing.

Q6: Why should people consider reading your work?
At we say this: "We wish our readers the highest possible outcome from their reading experience. We believe that stories have the potential to be life-changing. So let us not limit the power of the story; let us read with an expectation of the highest possible outcome and allow every story to work its magic."

Q7: How do you describe your writing style?

Q8: Where and when do you like to write?
Anywhere and as much as possible.

Q9: At what time, day or night, do you feel the most creative?
The later the better.

Q10: Which authors inspire you the most, and how?
I love authors who are unique. I love Philip K Dick, Angela Carter, Bruno Schultz, Franz Kafka...

Q11: How do you overcome the writer’s demons: Procrastination and Self-Doubt?
Inspiration is to be trusted.

Q12: What aspect of your writing do you feel is strongest, and what needs the most improvement?
I suddenly feel like I am at school.

Q13: What was the best part of the worst thing you’ve ever written?
The first word of this answer.

Q14: What advice do you have for others who want to be writers?
Someone once told me the best advice I ever heard for anyone wanting to be any kind of artist: 'Don't do it.' If your urge to be an artist persists in spite of this lack of encouragement then you should definitely be an artist.

Q15: What form of marketing works best for promoting your work(s)?
Reviews are great.

Q16: If life is a bowl of cherries, what does your life as a bowl of cherries look like?
A transparent one.

Q17: Who is your rock, the one who encourages you the most to keep writing, and why?
Inspiration encourages me. However, Jay is the other half of our publishing company and I love her.

Q18: What do you do apart from writing?
This and that.

Q19: Where can people find more about you and your work(s)? is the place to read one of my short stories for free, find out more about me and read reviews. If you follow the website you will be alerted as soon as new books are published.

Q20: What one question should this interviewer have asked, and how would you answer it?
Q: Your book sounds astonishingly wonderful, please tell me again the name of the website through which I could discover more about it and even purchase my very own copy.

A: Thank you for asking.

If you are an author who would like to participate, you can find the 20 Question interview here.
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